The Cabin in the Woods

*Spoilers Ahead*

When five college friends (Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams) arrive at a remote forest cabin for a little vacation, little do they expect the horrors that await them. One by one, the youths fall victim to backwoods zombies, but there is another factor at play. Two scientists (Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford) are manipulating the ghoulish goings-on, but even as the body count rises, there is yet more at work than meets the eye.

Five friends find themselves travelling deep into the woods on a seemingly fun break when horror strikes them. The thing I love about the Cabin in the Woods is how different it is to most horror films that I’ve seen, there’s a lot of new and fresh idea that rejuvenate the horror genre. The hype about this film when it was announced was very real with audiences saying it’s a whole new playing field to the horror genre but is it really all it’s made out to be?

The cameo of Sigourney Weaver was pretty cool, I didn’t expect to see her pop up at the end of the film but I’m glad she did as strangely I feel like she fits the role of mastermind villain or the ‘Director’ very well. Curt, (Chris Hemsworth) and Jules (Anna Hutchison) made me cringe ever so slightly but out of all the characters I feel like Curt was the best as I found Marty (Fran Kranz) and Dana (Kristen Connolly) just a little bit too annoying. Marty really played up the stoner role which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s just a little too much at times, we get it you smoke pot now what else do you actually do? Dana is fairly likable, she’s the only one that it actually made sense not to kill off. Jesse Williams, playing Holden McCrea, isn’t really that memorable so I can’t really comment – I can’t even remember them being friends?

It was rather disappointing that they chose the Buckner family as the main villains for the film, seeing the actual list of the monsters I think that there were much better choices such as Fornicus whose character at the time of watching I had no idea about who he was or what he actually does, which Is why I think someone like that would have been much more deserving than your classic zombie family. Nevertheless, the Buckners did provide some scares and played worthy opponents to the group – they reminded me of ‘The Hills have Eyes’ now I’m thinking about it.

The most disturbing scene of the film for me was when Dana and Marty were trapped in the monster boxes, the main reason for this was because of how claustrophobic it made me, not to mention the obvious that they’re stuck in a box surrounded by some of the worst of the worst! I love the use of all the different villi ans in this film there’s a few that you can sit there and be like ‘look it’s…’, I think that makes the film almost fun in something that should be such a serious tone. I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t make your skin crawl and you can only imagine the terror of having all of that released in one building, but seriously why would you want to work there knowing the risk!

A sequel would be absolutely perfect but considering that the film came out in 2012 that is very very unlikely, but who knows what could happen it’s happened before I’m sure that it can happen again. I would love to see if the prophecy of the ancient ones actually comes true and if they do end up destroying the world – even though I doubt that it would be much of a film if that was actually the case. It’s interesting that when the camera pans out we see that these events are happening all over the world and that people are actually managing to stop them. It makes you think how many ancient ones actually are there and do all the tasks have to be completed successfully for the ancient ones to be calmed? Since the school also managed to vanquish their villains surely this would make the ancient ones rise there too?

The Cabin in the Woods is definitely fresh and it sets out to do what it was made to do, redefine the horror genre. In a film that at it’s core is a fairly dark film they manage to fluff it up with a bit of comedy making it that little bit more exciting to watch. It’s different and I absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you haven’t already, I think this film will definitely develop into a cult classic given the time if not readily.




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