Before I Fall

*Spoilers Ahead*

Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) seems to have it all: popularity, a loving boyfriend (Kian Lawley) and a seemingly perfect future. Everything changes in the blink of an eye when she dies in a car crash but then magically wakes up to find herself reliving the same day over and over again. As Samantha tries to untangle the mystery of a life derailed, she must also unravel the secrets of the people closest to her and discover how the power of a single day can make a difference.

It’s simple to mistake this film as a rip off of Groundhog Day, having to live the same day over and over until changing something significant? It’s easy to see why someone would think that however there are some big differences between the films so I wouldn’t write Before I Fall off as a knock off just yet. The film brings it’s own take on the repeating loop of days and brings a fresh yet serious understand to teenage life.

I love Zoey Deutch so I’ll try to watch anything with her in it and I’m actually quite glad that I took the time out to watch this one. I saw it as a latest edition to Netflix at half 11 at night and thought why not! ‘Before I Fall’ attempts to be a film that makes you think twice about your actions and how you shouldn’t take anything for granted – much like Netflix’s show ’13 Reasons Why’ which I saw a fair few similarities in. It’s long overdue that films/tv shows highlight the dangers of bullying and how your words and actions can affect someone else so much and even though the ending of the film wasn’t exactly ideal the film still portrays this gravely important message and does so convincingly.

One of my compliants about the film is that I’m pretty sure they used the same shots of scenery that are used in the Netflix’s original film, ‘You get me’, which also stars Halston Sage. A lot of the scenes that show a skyline of the city or driving shots felt very familiar, and even though they are pretty you’d at least think there would be something a bit different but I suppose this could be the new niche for teenage films now. Nevertheless, you can’t help but marvel in the beauty of the cinematography and I won’t deny that I am an absolute sucker for some good camera shots so I’m glad this film follows suit of previous Netflix films so I guess it’s not that much of a compliant then.

Now let’s talk about Linsey, where to begin with her? Firstly I have to commend Halston for playing her as well as she did as I’m sure it can’t be easy to play such of a bitch who knows though I wouldn’t be sure if that is a natural trait? I really don’t understand why she was such a bitch, it sounds like she’s been one ever since her childhood and looking at her character now I really don’t find that too hard to believe. No wonder people are depressed at school when you’ve got teenagers like her going around – I’m still at a loss to why Samantha was praising her towards the end when she was saying what she liked about her friends because I honestly can’t think of a single likeable quality. I mean fair enough she may be loyal but I’d rather not have a loyal friend then have someone like her. Her driving is enough to make me rage, who the hell actually drives like that!! Well the scary thing is that people actually do. She’s got all her friends in the car and she’s going to risk all of their lives and she actually does…if Sam wouldn’t have been living the same day over and over again – She’s probably the one to blame for all of this yet Sam is left to suffer for it, even though she’s not saint at the start but she’s not excactly Lindsey is she? I can’t believe she even drove to the partyknowing that she’d drink and probably have to drive back, and her friends didn’t actually think to mention anything about drink driving?! Maybe it’s the inner mum in me speaking but are they all idiots? Why do something like that?!

Samantha’s character, played by Zoey Deutch, was heading in the same direction however as we all guessed she’d end up redeeming herself – redeeming herself so much that she actually sacrificed her own life to save the suicidal Juliet Sykes, (Elena Kampouris). I’m glad that she made amends with everyone before her final night and even though everything she did up until this point was erased till the last loop – those memories still happened to her. Even on the last loop she told her parents that she loved them and gave her little sister words of encouragement which really melted my heart. At that moment however I think it was fairly obvious what was going to happen from her on out and the storyline became quite predictable. It makes sense that she had to sacrifice herself to break the loop and save Juiliet but I just wish she would have grabbed her or something just at least until the truck drove past so that they both could have survived  but of course if you want to get the message accross you’ve got to have a hard hitting ending.

There’s one character that I think we all fell in love with just a little; Kent what a sweetheart. I have no idea why Sam even turned him down in the beginning but I’m glad that she came to her senses! We need guys like this, it would help if they had a bit more backbone and didn’t let Sam treat him like that at the start but still he was sweet – It’s a wonder why he let her do talk to him like that but I was a teenager once, well I’ve only just stopped being one and I understand where he’s coming from to a degree. I can only think about what’s gonna happen after the film ends even though it is just a film but your mind can’t help but wonder how are her parents going to react, what about Kent? And what will happen to Juliet? and will Lindsey finally stop being a bitch?! Before I wrap it up I just have to add how the film really tries to force the friendship of the four girls on you though, all the laughing and smiling and just everything about it was too much, they don’t need to throw it in your face that much to show that you are friends – we get it.

Films like ‘Before I Fall’ are important, especially in this day and age where there is such a big focus on bullying and teenage suicide, well suicide in general actually. It reminds us to take life the best we can as It can be over tomorrow without a second thought, but also reminds us that our actions do have knock on effects. There are definitely a few things to be learnt from this film and it’s important that we take in what the film is trying to teach us. I would definitely recommend giving ‘Before I Fall’ a watch, it’s only an hour and a half long so it’s not really a long film but it’s definitely worth the watch if you’re looking for a meaningful film with a bit of heart.


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